October 22, 2021


- Added an embeddable sign-up widget
- Reports
   - Accounts Receivable (AR) Aging Report
   - Revenue by Product
   - Billing for time period
   - Autopay
   - Cancellation Reason
   - Taxes
- Added Deep Links to various pages
- Invoice Template Changes
- Now includes more fields when exporting subscriber information to CSV
- Automatic Tax Calculation Improvements
- Added different views to the mapping interface for different use cases
- UI/UX improvements to the Mapping interface
- Mobile Optimized Subscriber Portal
- Added an unsubscribe page
- Filter invoices by status
- Added toggle for VOIP Integration
- Create and update several modules across multiple organization
   - Plans
   - Addons
   - Discounts
- Refactor and Improvements across several Payment Processor Integrations


- Various fixes where information would not change on the site after making a change
- Issue where proration would occasionally be incorrect
- Performance improvements to various features
- Fixed various issues where the mapping interface would not load
- Fixed issue where suspending and unsuspending billing would cause an error

v0.9.9 rc5

June 18, 2021


- Provisioning

   - Further improved integration to provisioning system to better view and map out infrastructure

- Taxes

   - Automatically charge the correct taxes to customers automatically for you services and addons

   - Out-of-the-box functionality for several types of addons and services

- Archive notes on subscribers


- Invoicing system improvements

   - Simplified invoicing system

   - Resolved issue where subscribers would occasionally incorrectly appear as past due

- Invoice UI Improvements

- Provisioning would occasionally fail with multiple services

- Several fixes where reports would fail or show incorrect information

- Issue where one-time fees would not show on draft invoices

V0.9.9 rc4

May 28, 2021


- Network Nodes

   - View fiber lines and network nodes on mapping interface

- Provisioning

   - Non-broadband service provisioning

   - Improved integration to provisioning system to better view and map out infrastructure

- Added advertising sources to subscribers


- Enhancements to card payments when using certain payment processors

- Performance enhancements

- Can now send bulk emails more effectively

- Issues where reports would occasionally fail

- Invoices will now show the correct subscriber account number

V0.9.9 rc3

May 14, 2021


- Provisioning v0.1

   - Provision and deprovision subscribers directly from the system

- Taxes v0.1

   - Automatically get taxes for services and addons given your location


- Subscribers can now sign up in their subscriber portal by their address

- Performance improvements

   - Enabled more performance improvements when viewing and modifying subscribers

- General improvements when viewing subscribers on a map

- Bug where subscribers are not able to sign in using a resent verification email

- Issue where reason codes would sometimes not appear

v0.9.9 rc2

April 30, 2021


- API access via an API key

- Reason Codes

   - Attach reason codes to certain actions such as cancelling a subscriber or creating a credit

- Messaging templates

   - Templatize the messages that will be sent to a subscriber

- Can now add equipment to subscribers and subscriptions


- Reporting Improvements

   - Added filterable reports

   - Improved load times of reporting

- Invoice is created immediately on a new subscriber

- Issue where autopay was not working properly

- Issue where the subscriber’s portal would not function properly

- Issue where payments would occasionally fail


April 23, 2021


- Analytic data to be used in mapping interface

- Provisioning Integration v0.1

   - Adds ability to provision / de-provision subscriber service

- Configurable reason codes

   - Add and remove reason codes

   - To be used for discounts, credits, suspension, and cancellation

- Reporting

   - Enhanced Performance

   - Customizable subscriber report

   - Added Export csv report

   - Infinite Scroll on some reports

   - Several bug fixes to existing support to be more accurate

- Draft Invoices

   - Draft invoices will now appear to indicate what the subscriber’s next invoice will look like


- Expanded alerts to be created on more events

   - Subscriber creation

   - Subscription creation and update

   - Payment creation

   - Messaging subscriber

- Enhanced User Permissions

- Renamed Invoice Items related to Proration to be more specific

- UI Improvements

   - Improvements around several fields displayed on tables throughout the system


April 2, 2021


- Subscriber Portal URL to invoices sent via SMS

- Bulk add invoice notes to subscribers

- Combine and Download Today’s invoices as one file

- Alerts and Notifications v0.1

   - Adds alerts for admins to see actions taken in their organization

   - Adds alerts related to specific subscribers in their portal


- Account balance is now current balance

   - Current Balance correctly reflects the subscriber’s current outstanding balance

- Performance Enhancements

- Messaging Improvements


March 19, 2021


- Mapping Improvements

   - Subscriber Analytic Data

   - Sorting Functionality by Analytic Data

   - Added Fiber Layer

   - Switched Buffer to Miles and Updated min & max distances for slider

   - Added Fiber Layer

   - Enhanced UI

   - Updated Filter Names

- Address Autocomplete

- Performance Statistics on Queries Internally

- Enhanced Logging Errors


- Authentication to Subscriber Portal - Authenticate via unique subscriber fields

- Subscriber Invoice when received via SMS

- Fully White-labeled Subscriber Account Setup emails

- Dynamic subscriber emails received when verifying Bank Accounts

- Reduced loading times for Tag related Operations

- Reduced loading times for Getting all subscribers


March 5, 2021


- Added Ready Grow

   - Visualize Subscribers and your infrastructure on a map

   - Select and view statistics of your subscribers by drawing shapes over certain areas

   - Save Segments to save your favorite filtered views

- Added ElasticSearch

- Added Redis Caching

- Added API key system 

- Added Exponential backoff to Cron Jobs

- Added Address Verification

- Added Fields 

    - Added a Suspend Reason when suspending a Subscriber's service

    - Added account balance to a User 


- Reporting Improvements

- Improved logging system

- Improved Hubspot integration


February 19, 2021


- Added hiding of Internal Errors

- Added tower to users

- Added ability to sort users by their towers

- Added filtering by zip code

- Added linting and testing in our UI


- Improved Mapping Capabilities

- Increased scope of demographic data captured

- Improved Messaging Capabilities

- Improved Testing

- Increased coverage for API

- Improved Bulk Selection Performance

- Improved UI Error Handling


February 12, 2021


- Added Export to Csv functionality across several nodes

- Added Action Confirms around key user actions

- Helper Text on certain functions

- New Styling & Loading Spinner

- 404 Page


- System Performance Improvements

    - Updated paging for faster query times

- UI Improvements

    - Updated Welcome Email

    - Signup Flow

    - Number and Text formatting consistency

    - Table Styling Consistency

- Bug Fixes and other General Improvements

    - Reporting

    - Dwolla Integration

    - Invoice Template

    - Command Bar

    - IPPay Integration

    - State Management


January 29, 2021


- IPPay Integration

- Multi-plex account improvements

    - Ability to configure subscription after creation

    - Autofill new subscription with existing configurations

    - General Bugfixes

- Addons

    - UI improvements Limited Period Discounts

- Command Bar

    - Ability to navigate to key nodes quickly

    - Ability to perform actions on key nodes quickly

- Taxes

    - Added discount support

    - Added Service-level taxes

- New Nodes

    - Equipment

    - Towers

    - Lines


- Subscriber Self-Serve Portal

    - General improvements and bugfixes

- System Performance Improvements


January 15, 2021


- Subscriber Self-Serve Improvements

- Address Verification Support

- Multi-plex account Support

    - MDU

    - Commercial

- Manual Tax Support

- IPPay integration

- Performance and State Management Improvements


January 8, 2021


- UI Updates

    - Collapsible Sidebar

    - Update Colors

    - Symbol / Font Updates

- Organization / User Settings Updates

    - UI Improvements

    - Added Status to Invited Users

    - Resend Invite to Invited Users

- Invoice Proration

- Billing Scheduling

    - Select Time Periods to Suspend / Reactivate Billing

- Manual Taxes


- Account types

    - Commercial

    - Residential

- System Performance Enhancements

    - State Management Improvements to improve loading times on certain pages

- Map Updates

    - Show only the Service Address on subscriber overview map

    - Show both the Service and Mailing Address on subscriber single map

    - Cancelled and Suspended subscribers now show up on the map in their respective colors


December 23, 2020


- New Reports

    - A/R Aging

    - Autopay

    - All Audits

    - Outstanding Credits

    - Plan Count & Revenue

    - Subscribers Billed Today

- Currency & dates consistency

- Maps now differentiate between Account Statuses (Subscribers, Prospects)

- Invoice node columns & actions

- Dedicated pages to view singles

    - Plans

    - Services

    - Addons

    - Credits

    - Discounts

- Ability to refund Payments


- An updated UI with a more consistent typography and design language


December 11, 2020


- Billing for time periods

- Batch Entry Payments

- Organization Controls: now you can manage users right from billing

- Auditing system (under reports) see who does what, when, etc.

- Reporting base system

- Billing / Suspend

- Updates to Billing & Events tab in Subscriber

- Invoices and Payments Node

- Recurring billing with discounts for time periods

- Subscriber Messaging

- Discount Reason Code

- Multiple Payment Methods

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