Network Monitoring

Calix CMS

A rich set of tools for network and service confguration, surveillance, performance and administration.

The Calix Management System (CMS) provides a rich set of tools for network and service configuration, surveillance, performance and administration. CMS enables network and business transformation by deliverying legacy services over copper, as well as next generation IP and Ethernet services over fiber and wireless access. CMS also integrates with he Compass Suite of Software applications to provide a truly integrated cloud solution for service lifecycle management.

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CMS delivers full Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPS) for the complete suite of Calix Unified Access network devices.  The CMS functions include:

  • Service configuration and global service profile management
  • Network configuration of both physical and virtual network deployments
  • Surveillance, real time and historical alarm and event reporting and alarm forwarding
  • CMS and network element configuration backup and restore
  • Authentication, Authorization and Accounting for services as well as network and CMS users
  • Full FCAPs support for E7-2 (EXA), E7-20, B6 and C7

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